The Unsung Lullabies Of A Motionless Albatross

dita - close up
Just to let y'all know, I'm going to do a friends cut. 

Don't take it personally if you find yourself cut.. I'm just freeing up my f'list space. :)

Have a puppy. IN MID AIR! xD

Friends Only.
dita - close up
Met a man on the roadside crying,
Without a friend there's no denying.
You're incomplete there'll be no finding,
Looking for what you knew.

So anytime somebody needs you,
Don't let them down although it grieves you,
Someday you'll need someone like they do,
Looking for what you knew.

I'm telling you now,
The greatest thing you ever can do now,
Is trade a smile with someone who's blue now,
It's very easy just.


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